Music by The Sarandons "Stand Down" | 2021
Script by Marie Rupolo and Dave Suchon
Art Direction × Graphics × Animation by Barto Bąk
The Process​​​​​​​
Creative Challenge
3 minutes of animation | 15+ animated characters | 5+ scene environments 

The band members transformed by cartoon animals into animals equipped with musical instruments. Detailed brief came from Marie Rupolo and Dave Suchon. My idea was to animate it as a mixed media referring to the 60's. So I created animated collage characters from a few pictures of the band members (heads, hands, shoes and guitars) and put them into world seen from the naive perspective. The additional crowd and simplified cartoon animals have been styled in contrary to the main collage characters.
Art Direction 
Moodboard and character lineup  (initial design)​​​​​​​
Initial Design / Character Lineup
Initial Design / Character Lineup
The compliance with the script and timing - a guide for the more detailed and tedious tasks
Software: Storyboarder (free) and After Effects
​​​​​​​Contact sheet to check: 1) Contrast variety across the timeline 2) Composition and color values within the frames 3) Color palettes and color scheme across the whole video
Character Design
​​​​​​​ Software: Photoshop and external script "fast renamer"
main characters
main characters
layers renaming
layers renaming
additional characters
additional characters
Character animations​​​​​​​
Software: After Effects with invaluable Duik Bassel (free - click to support)
Additional rigs
Scenes setups

The video has been featured at the official Duik Creator page - check it here
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